HomeRicoh Theta V supports 4K 360-degree video recording

Ricoh Imaging had a good sized booth again this year. One half of the booth was dedicated to showing off the Theta V, Ricoh’s newest 360 degree camera with 4K video recording, streaming support, and remote playback directly from the camera to a viewing device. On the Pentax camera side of the booth, two new lenses that will be released in 2018 were on display.

The world’s-first Remote Playback capable fully spherical camera allows users to wirelessly playback 360 Degree images and videos on a large-screen display Using a compatible wireless display adapter.

It has a slim candy-bar body, with a 180-degree lens on both its front and back. You can capture a 360-degree shot when you press the shutter-release button in front.

The camera can always be connected to a smartphone using Bluetooth low energy (BLE) This function provides improvements in usability and power consumption.

The Power, Wi-Fi and Mode (for toggling between photo and video recording) buttons are on one side of the camera. At its bottom, there is a microphone jack and a micro-USB port for charging its battery and transferring images to your computer.

Like its predecessor, the Theta V uses two 12-megapixel image sensors with two 180-degree lens to produce 14-megapixel 360-degree still images. However, it now supports 4K (3,840 x 1,920 pixels) 360-degree video recording at 30 frames per second (fps). It also supports 4K 360-degree live streaming.

In addition, its maximum ISO sensitivity has been bumped up to ISO 3,200 for still images and ISO 6,400 for videos, from ISO 1,600 for both in the Theta S. Higher sensitivity reduces the image blurriness caused by camera shake when shooting in dark environments.

The Theta S app also doubles up as a remote viewfinder since the Theta V does not have a display. Its working range is around 10m. However, you have to first connect the Theta V to your smartphone via Wi-Fi, before you are able to connect with Bluetooth. You also have to use the app to switch to Bluetooth.

An improved algorithm and faster image processor ensures images and video benefit from lower noise and the camera produces high quality image from low to high sensitivity. Additionally, the new processor means the Theta V can Live-Stream UHD 4K 360-degree video at 30p to social media sites including YouTube and Facebook, offering viewers an immersive 360-degree VR experience.