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The 360 camera market is blowing up. OK, it’s still just a tiny fraction of the overall camera market, but we’ve seen a bunch of new cameras from some big players recently.

Trying to break into this growing market is newcomer Rylo. This is their first product, but the team behind it includes some of the players at Apple and Instagram that created the Hyperlapse app.

With 360 cameras both the software and the hardware have to be spot on, and several recent cameras have missed on one or the other, making their cameras rather useless. From what they’ve shown so far, the Rylo camera does look promising.

Let’s take a look at the software first, which may seem backwards, but right now this is the big differentiator in the space. Rylo has, out of the box, support for what other companies are calling Hyperframe, Overcapture, or Freecapture. It’s a way to edit 360 videos that takes just the most interesting 16×9, 1080p portion of it, and makes a standard HD video out of it. Smooth pans, cuts between you and where you are, etc.

It’d like having multiple cameras at once. You just shoot everything in 360, and just show your audience the good parts. Like the Insta360 One the Rylo will feature object tracking, so you can select something in the video and the virtual “camera” will follow it as it moves around the 360 sphere. Rylo calls this “Follow.”

Given the team’s history with stabilization, that aspect should be spot on. They’re claiming it’s basically perfect. We’ll see. Having used a few cameras with built-in stabilization, it ends up being incredibly useful. You’ll also be able to create timelapses.

There’s also an interesting picture-in-picture mode they call “FrontBack.”